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Developing properties, either for immediate commercial application or for long term investments can be most desirable, but is easier said than done. Short term (short cut) development may save money in the immediate situation, but investing in the future requires no compromise on quality.



Structural Planning

We employ a qualified Structural Engineer to design our buildings which means our clients can be issued with an Engineers Stability Certificate. Utilizing professional Modelling, Detailing and Materials Listing Systems, we ensure complete detailing accuracy and conformity with SABS 0160 and 0162 Design Codes. All our buildings are manufactured at our own fabrication division in Makeni ( Lusaka- Zambia ) allowing quality to be monitored at every stage.

Steel Structures Features

Our Steel Structures have the following features:
1) Fast building speed, approximately 1/3 of the building time of concrete buildings with the same area. 2) Low cost, approximately 50%-60% that of concrete buildings with similar specifications. 3) Large span, high space utilizing rate which makes them suitable for all kinds of uses. 4) Tailor-made to suit individual requirements and we can supply a wide range of accessories to enhance any structure: e.g. Whirlybirds, Ridge vents, Cladding, Cranked Sheets, Bull nosing, Translucent Sheets, Skylights, Sliding and Roller Shutter Doors, Insulation, and Various window options.


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